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Sign electronically!

The electronic signature is more and more often used by accountants and modern businesspeople all over the world. Why? First of all, it allows time saving. Secondly, it is really convenient. Thirdly, it is reliable and 100 % safe.


The electronic signature significantly facilitates the everyday duties of accountants and businesspeople. It allows you to sign important documents (e.g statements for the Social Insurance Company and Inland Revenue, contracts, invoices, calculations or petitions) without leaving your office. Documents bearing the e-signature have the same legal validity as hand signatures. Instead of appearing in person, it is enough to sign the document electronically and send via e-mail.

What is the electronic signature? It is your signature on the Internet. Unique and unforgettable. It has been developed with the use of safe technologies and specialized tools. The original, private key on the cryptographic smart card is impossible to forge, and the signature is authenticated (its validity confirmed) by the trustworthy CERTUM Certification Authority.

The e-signature is especially useful for:


Are you an accountant? Is time of the utmost importance for you? Start using the electronic signature. The electronic signature is a safe and convenient tool facilitating work in the accounting department. It allows the electronic transfer of documents to the Social Insurance Company, Inland Revenue, National Court Register or Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data without leaving your office.

The list of matters that may be handled via the Internet is still growing. Thanks to the safe electronic signature you can send official declarations, applications and petitions to offices. Documents bearing the e-signature have the same legal validity as hand signatures and documents delivered in person or by post.

The major applications of the e-signature in accounting are the following:
  • electronic contact with the Social Insurance Company,
  • e-filing of tax returns,
  • on-line contact with offices and institutionssigning of electronic invoices (e-invoices).

Sending documents on the Internet is really convenient and allows you to save time. You are no longer obliged to fill out and sign the documents by hand, or stamp, envelope and dispatch them. The documents are forwarded immediately and in a safe manner. You automatically receive official confirmation of receipt. This is especially important when you have to send large numbers of documents each month.

The electronic signature is a part of everyday business life all over the world. The Internet brings partners and contractors significantly closer to each other, and the electronic signature allows thefinalizing of important tasks and undertakings without leaving the office. It is a well-tried method for improving theoperations of the company.

Imagine that your business partner is located in Los Angeles and you are in Poland. You would like to sign a contract. The correspondence by post would take weeks. However, thanks to the electronic signature the business is done in literally just a few minutes! There are even more applications of the electronic signature that make life easier.

You can use the electronic signature to sign all corporate documents sent via the Internet, e.g. contracts, invoices or commercial offers. You do not need to worry about data confidentiality. The electronic signature is much safer and more difficult to forge than traditional signatures. Start saving time and money.From now on buy the electronic signature suite at CERTUM.

The major applications of the e-signature in business are the following:
  • concluding civil-law contracts in an electronic form,
  • participation in electronic auctions and tenders,
  • contact with public administration offices and institutions,
  • filing of pleadings in writ-of-payment proceedings,
  • signing of electronic invoices.