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Be reliable on the Internet, protect your identity.

Use electronic ID.

ID Certificate is an electronic identity card which allows for personal data authentication on the Internet and facilitates many on-line operations on a daily basis. Each certificate includes identification data, authenticated by a Trustworthy Third Party, and connected by a pair of cryptographic keys. In other words ID certificate is your ID card on the Internet. The certificate will enable you to: safely send electronic mail or sign the Company's important trade and business documents with an e-signature. Furthermore, it will be proof for your client that you are a reliable business partner.

The benefits of the ID certificate are the following:
  • reliable identification on the Internet,
  • advanced electronic signature,
  • safe e-mail correspondence (no risk of hacking, reading or forging your message, electronic documents or files),
  • a possibility of PDF document and invoice authentication,
  • access to on-line applications and systems via WWW,
CERTUM PCC - the only Polish certification authority which issues ID certificates in compliance with WebTrustSM/TM: