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CERTUM Commercial SSL

Basic certificate securing data transmission

Its extended versions cover many domains and sub-domains at the same time.

CERTUM Commercial SSL
  • small on-line stores,
  • Internet portals,
  • Internet blogs and forums,
  • non-commercial websites,
  • web services of schools and universities,
  • mail servers, databases, SFTP,
  • communication:
    • Facebook Apps,
    • within intranet and extranet networks,
    • client-server applications,

30-day free replacement warranty for the new SSL certificate!
(reissue mechanism allows for re- issuance of a certificate with the date of the expiration of the certificate).

Prefix https:// before URL

CERTUM Commercial SSL Firefox



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CERTUM Commercial SSL?

CERTUM Commercial SSL is a DV (Domain Validation) certificate, which is a trustworthy certificate supported by all popular web browsers. The simplified issue procedure (as fast as 15 minutes) allows the installation of the certificate immediately upon payment and verification of the right to the domain. One of the fastest methods for securing data transmitted on the Internet. It ensures domain authentication and encryption of connections up to 256 bits. In order to confirm the aforesaid security measure you can download the prestigious CERTUM seal to add to your website. The seal proves that it is safe for users to register on the web service and use the e-services offered thereon. Certum SSL Certificates support hash algorithm SHA-2.

Two versions of the CERTUM Commercial SSL certificate

MultiDomain SSL           VS                Wildcard SSL

Allows protection by means of one certificate for

10 different domains.

4), etc.

Allows protection of the main domain with the WWW prefix and without it, as well as any number of subdomains ascribed thereto.

4), etc.

Do you have more than one web service?
Secure up to 10 domains with 1 SSL certificate!

Do you provide many services through 1 domain?
Secure the main domain and all services with 1 certificate!

Purchase of CERTUM Commercial SSL?
Download for free CERTUM SEALS

Purchase of CERTUM Commercial SSL

Upon purchase of this certificate thorough authentication of the purchaser is required. The above guarantees an increased level of security for web service users.
The benefits of CERTUM Commercial SSL

The CERTUM Commercial SSL certificate strengthens trust in web services run by financial institutions and government subdivisions. Your clients will feel secure that their data are fully protected and that connection to a website is 100% safe.


The benefits of CERTUM Commercial SSL are the following:
  • Reliability – CERTUM Commercial SSL confirms 100% reliability of a website and domain by means of the most popular security symbols on-line:
    • prefix https:// before the URL.
    • a padlock icon in the web browser window:
      kłódki FirefoxMozilla Firefox (a padlock icon appears after clicking the information on the certificate in the WWW field)
      kłódki Google ChromeGoogle Chrome
      Micrsoft Internet ExplorerMicrosoft Internet Explorer
  • Security - encryption of 128-256 bit data protects both you and your clients against interception of data, e.g.:
    • personal details provided via the contact form
    • number of the pay card when placing an order
    • data allow logging into the system (login + password)
  • Trustworthiness – the SSL certificate ensures protection of your goods and your company's image by authentication and confirmation that the domain belongs to a certificate holder, which translates into high level of trust by your clients.
  • • Prestigious brand
    WebtrustCERTUM - General Certification Authority - guarantees the highest level of offered certificates. We are the leader in the field of Internet security and the only Polish certification authority that provides services in compliance with the international standard WebTrustSM/TM . For over 10 years we have provided our clients with reliable and proven solutions which confirm their trustworthiness on the Internet.
  • Prestigious CERTUM SSL Seal
    WebtrustThanks to the badgeseal, each person visiting your website will have confidence in your web service and your services. When a user clicks the badge seal a message will pop out, confirming your company's data and proving that you are the holder of the SSL certificate . It will be clear information for the user that (s)he is on a safe and trustworthy website.
  • 24-hour technical support 801 540 340
    We protect our clients' safety and peace of mind 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can contact our consultants at any time of the day or night. Just call the hotline or contact us via on-line chat. No question shall remain unanswered.
  • Supporting all popular web browsers
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CERTUM Commercial SSL – a simple way to gain trustworthiness!

Certificate authentication is really quick. After just a few clicks you will be able to use the encryption strength of 256 bits, and your clients will feel secure when visiting your website. It is one of the fastest methods for gaining credibility on the Internet.

How to obtain CERTUM Commercial SSL

The CERTUM Commercial SSL certificate is automatically issued on the basis of positive authentication of access to a domain and e-mail account in such a domain.

Significance of reliability authentication

Do you have a blog or an on-line store? Identity authentication on the Internet is key in gaining your clients' trust.

The quick and simple authentication procedure (in the case of certificates that provide basic protection), as well as a longer, multi-stage procedure (in the case of certificates confirming the highest level of reliability) confirm your particular care about data security and hence increase your business partners' trust.

The websites attested by CERTUM are entitled to add CERTUM seals, which additionally enhance the corporate image (np. „Secured by CERTUM” lub „CERTUM Security”). Thanks to the seal you will gain your clients' full trust.

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